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In October 2006 there was a very large shift in the consciousness of all angels within the Angelic realm. Angels have always been vehicles of divine intention, and yet for eons they have been evolving their ability to play this role more and more deeply. In addition to their natural evolution, which has made them purer instruments of the divine, they have also been learning to handle the experience of separation—many angels have incarnated into human form to assist in this learning. This culminated in October 2006, with an enormous jump in their evolution that moved them to an unprecedented level of oneness as well as to a much deeper ability to handle separation consciousness. Since one of their roles has been to facilitate the evolution and spiritual awakening of humanity, they are now in a position to help us in a way never before imagined, and their work with the earth and humanity is greatly accelerating. Of course, their work would be greatly facilitated if more of humanity were now ‘tuned in’ to the Angelic realm.

Up until now, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing (  has only created healing transmissions for students taking VortexHealing classes. (A ‘transmission’ is where knowledge, energetic power or abilities and/or consciousness is transmitted directly to the receiver’s consciousness and energy system.) But because there is a need to bring more of humanity into alignment with the Angelic realm, we have created a healing transmission that ANYONE can use. We have imprinted this transmission within a symbol. The symbol, the transmission and the powering of the symbol are all from the angelic realm. Directions for using this symbol are beneath it. I suggest emailing the link to this page to anyone and everyone you know who might be interested.

Here is the symbol:

Understanding the symbol:

Understanding the significance of the different lines in the symbol will help you to get a sense of the energetic qualities and movements in it. Although this is not necessary for channeling the symbol, the deeper you experience the sense of the symbol the more deeply you will be connected to it and be able to channel it.

The swirl in the center can be thought of as the heart space where the divine enters into the angel, becoming angelic heart, spiraling in from the infinite into form. The movement within the spiral, therefore, is from the top to the right, spiraling in. The 3 squiggly lines above the spiral is the inner movement of the angel as it constantly surrenders and lets go into God. So, with the swirl and the 3 squiggly lines, you have the divine coming in, becoming angelic heart, moving back into God. The point below the spiral is where the angel focuses itself in creation. The lower curve is where a boundary is created for the angel to define itself. If you look at the symbol and try to follow these energetic movements, you will get a very direct sense of the energy, consciousness and power in the symbol.

Directions for using the symbol:

There are 2 ways to use this symbol: for self-healing and for healing others. The directions are different for each. I suggest you practice the self-healing first, as it is easier and will get you more familiar with the symbol, getting your ready to do the more complex visualization involved for using it to heal others.

For Self Healing:
(1) Memorize the symbol. (2) Visualize it in the center of your heart, in the center of your chest (not to the left of center, which is associated with the physical heart). In your visualization, as you actually see it in your mind, see that the center swirl in the symbol circles from the top of the swirl clockwise, just as you see it here. Do not be concerned about whether you are looking at it from the inside or outside, which would flip the direction of the swirl. It can ‘lay’ on our body either way, facing in or out, so long as what you see in your mind looks the same as it looks here. (3) Sense or feel for the quality of angelic heart, or angel-ness, in the symbol. (4) While staying present with this sense of angelic heart, and while maintaining the visualization of the symbol in your heart, sense/feel/imagine/visualize/intend the angelic energy move from and through the symbol, going everywhere in your system, including your physical body and all your other aspects of being, or direct it to a particular area in need. (5) In general, do this for up to an hour at a time, and not more than twice a day. But if you do this often, your system will become more fluid and able to handle and process a lot more of this kind of energy at one time. (Note: you do not need to ‘draw’ the symbol, as done in Reiki.)

For Healing Others:
The directions are similar to those above for self-healing, except now: (1) the symbol will be visualized on the third eye, on the palm of each hand, and on the navel (belly button). The symbol needs to be visualized in all 4 places simultaneously, which may take some practice, but after a little practice, it will become easy. As with self-healing, the key thing is not whether the symbol is facing in or out, but that you see it your mind the same as pictured here. (2) Sense or feel for the quality of angelic heart or angel-ness in all 4 symbols simultaneously. (3) While staying present with this sense of angelic heart, and while maintaining the visualization of the symbol in your third eye, palms and navel, sense/feel/imagine/visualize the angelic energy move from the symbols in your third eye and navel into the symbols in your palms, reinforcing the density of angelic heart there. (4) Sense/feel/imagine/visualize/intend that reinforced angelic heart energy in your palms flowing out of your palms into the receiver (the other person to whom you are giving healing). As you do this, continue to stay present with the sense of the symbols in the third eye and navel feeding the ones in the palms. After a little practice this will all become one integrated sense and visualization that you will be able to maintain with just a little bit of concentration and intention—like riding a bicycle. (5) In general, do not channel for more than an hour for a particular person, and not more than twice a day.

Note: It may seem odd at first, after doing self-healing, that for healing others you do not visualize the symbol in your heart. The reason for this is that now, you are trying to get the healing energy to flow out of you, and visualizing the symbol in the heart will keep more of the energy inside, with yourself. The navel, on the other hand, facilitates expressing the energy outwards. Once you have spent at least 25 hours doing healing on others, though, the energetic sense of the way this energy wants to flow out will be conditioned enough in your system so that you can then add the symbol to your heart, if you prefer, without losing outward expression. (You would still visualize it in the other 4 places as well.)

Distance Healing on Others:
Many people will be able to ‘bridge’ this angel energy to someone at a distance, and yet most people will have difficulty doing so. It requires some ability to sense the other person at a distance and to bridge the healing energy to what is being sensed. It is not enough to just intend that it go there. And it will not work to channel it to a photo. (For VortexHealing students, it can be used at a distance through your ‘navel hookup’.)

As you use this angel symbol for healing yourself and others, your consciousness will become more familiar with its form and energy, and your channeling of it will become stronger.

Expected Results:
Although miraculous healings are well documented, both in the VortexHealing lineage and other modalities, energy healing should be considered an addition to medical treatment, for chronic and acute disease conditions, not a replacement. My experience with energy healing is that results can vary, even for the same condition. In addition, while people usually feel very good after a healing, sometimes healing can bring other, buried things to the surface. For instance, if a person in a constant state of go-go as a way to avoid depression, then any healing that truly relaxes that person may bring that depression to the surface. This needs to happen for the depression to heal. It cannot be healed from a position of avoidance. But the person may, as a result, feel bad rather than good after the session, or feel both. This can even happen with physical symptoms, where a deep opening allows suppressed physical symptoms to arise (to be healed next). In general, though, this kind of healing leaves people feeling relaxed and happy, and sometimes has miraculous effects on long-term, stubborn conditions.

Wishing all of you the grace to receive the love and blessings that surround you always ///  Ric Weinman,  founder of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Note: This information has been sent around the world via email. The verification that this email is actually from Ric Weinman, founder of VortexHealing, is the fact that it is posted here on our website, If you have received the email version and there is any difference between that version and this one, then that one has been altered along the way. This one, here on our website, is the original.

First posted on: Dec 19, 2006.

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