Code of Ethics for practitioners
  1. Practitioners must practice ethically, with high motives and ideals.

  2. Statements to clients must be made in a spirit of compassion and truthfulness.

  3. Practitioners must remember that they are providing, in addition to specific healing techniques, a sense of nurturance and compassion.

  4. A practitioner shall not attend a client while under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering drugs, or while sick with a communicable disease.

  5. A practitioner shall not engage in illegal, immoral or improper conduct with a client, nor encourage such behavior. In particular, a practitioner shall in no way instigate a sexual advance nor tolerate one from a client.

  6. A practitioner may not treat a child, if a parent or legal guardian is not present.

  7. The practitioner has a responsibility to maintain the client's health to the highest possible degree.

  8. Practitioners shall not make medical diagnoses, advise about a particular course of medical treatment, nor give "guarantees" about the outcome of sessions.

  9. Clients who do not improve or who clearly need medical help must be advised to seek expert medical attention, whether VortexHealing sessions are continued or discontinued.

  10. Client confidentiality must be maintained (within the limits of the law).

  11. If another therapy is used in conjunction with VortexHealing, the client must be informed and agree to its use beforehand. The use of other therapies should also be noted in the client's records for that session.

  12. Fees charged must be ethical and fair; clients must not be exploited for financial gain.

  13. Practitioners can offer feedback but not try to control clients' private lives or make decisions for them.

  14. Advertising must be ethical, and exaggerated claims are prohibited.

  15. Practitioners must not publicly belittle, criticize, or cast doubt on colleagues’ professional competence. Practitioners must uphold the honor and reputation of the profession at all times.

  16. The practitioner must respect the ethical, religious and political beliefs of their clients and colleagues.

  17. Practitioners must accept responsibility for informing themselves of local laws and regulations pertaining to energy healing, including but not limited to: any laws restricting the use of energy healing, any requirements or licenses needed for practicing healing in a home or office, any laws or regulations regarding insurance, etc. Records of client sessions should be kept whether required legally or not.

  18. Practitioners must follow the legalities with respect to the VortexHealing trademarks.

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