VortexHealing Deposit and Refund Policy *

(for the US, UK & Europe) updated Nov 18, 2014


Early Registration Discounts: are offered when deposits are received by

1 month before the start of class. The discounts are:

$50 / 40 EU / £30 for 3-7 day classes /// $30 / 25 EU / £20 for shorter classes.

For most 7-day or longer classes (check with organizer as to which ones), a $25/ / 20 EU / £15 discount is given for deposits received by a month before class and another $25 / 20 EU / £ 15 discount is given for full balances paid by 2 weeks before the start of class.


Deposits Amounts:

$300 / 250 EU / £150 for 4-12 day classes /// $200 / 150 EU / £100 for 3 day classes;

Full payment for 1 and 2-day classes (½ of which is ÔdepositÕ for refund purposes, and ½ of which is ÔbalanceÕ).


Refund of Deposits:

Administration fees are $30 / 25 EU / £ 20.

Any ÔbalanceÕ payments, in excess of required ÔdepositsÕ, are fully refundable.

Refunds requested prior to a month before the class: full refund less the admin fee.

Requested prior to 2 weeks before class: ½ the deposit refunded, less the admin fee.  

Requested less than 2 weeks before class: deposits are nonrefundable.

Once class has begun, all tuition payments (deposits + balances) are Non-Refundable.

Late Arrivals on First Day may not be admitted to class and may be treated as a no-show.

Early Departures: for class credit, students cannot miss any part of a class without teacherÕs ok. If a

     student does not complete the class due to missed segments, tuition payments are non-refundable.


Transfer of Deposits to Another Class:

Deposits may be transferred only to classes taught by the same teacher.

Once a deposit is transferred, it is non-refundable; it must be used for a class.

Requested prior to one month before the class: transfer of full amount of deposit.

Requested prior to 2 weeks before the class: 1/2 of deposit transferred.

Requested within 2 weeks of the start of class: the deposit is Non-Transferable/ Non-Refundable.

If transferred more than once, only the first deposit is free of admin fees & must be used within

    4 years of the original canceled class.


Exceptions, Children & Teenagers, and Repeaters:

Tuition for Children & Teenagers under 18 years old is 30% off. Deposits are as above. Repeaters of any class except Karmic Intensives, Earthshift Intensives, Embodiment classes and Unwinding Fascia receive 25% off tuition, if there is space. Students who have done Inner Veil class & are sitting in on advanced awakening classes for which they donÕt have full pre-requisites receive a repeaterÕs discount of 25%.


Payment by Credit Card & 3rd Party:

If the credit card used is ÔforeignÕ relative to the country of the bank that it must be processed through, a foreign transaction fee will be added to the amount. If a 3rd party, such as PayPal, is used to process the card, their fees may be added to the amount.


Bounced Checks: Each bounced check incurs an Admin fee charge of $30 / 25 EU / £ 20.


Class Cancelation and Date-Change Policies Policy: Airline tickets should not be purchased earlier than 3 months before a class date. Occasionally, low registration or other circumstances may force a cancellation or re-scheduling even closer than 3 months. In such situations, all payments can be refunded, but the student is responsible for the costs of canceled or re-booked travel arrangements and for any other costs incurred. If some kind of emergency forces the teacher to leave in the middle of the class, the teacher will try to find another Vortex teacher to take their spot. If this is not possible, then tuition payments will be refunded but students will still be responsible for other costs incurred.


Violation of Class Drug-Use Policy: Student will need to drop out of class, with no refund of tuition.


* Unless other arrangements are agreed to at the time of booking.