VortexHealing® Sessions & Practitioners

VortexHealing® is capable of amazing healings. It typically has beneficial impacts on both emotional issues as well as physical ones. To get an idea of what is possible, click on Stories on the menu bar and read through some of the stories shared by our practitioners. Many of them will seem almost miraculous. Yet you do need keep a proper perspective. You need to keep in mind that some conditions are very deep and take time to turn around, and some conditions have just gotten too locked in to shift much at all.

All the practitioners on our Find-A-Healer list have taken at least 5 VortexHealing® classes. Some have taken many more. When you click to the next page and choose a country, you will be able to see what level of training a practitioner has had. It’s lovely to get sessions in person, but VortexHealing® also works very well at a distance, so do take that into consideration when choosing a healer.

If you’d like to find a practitioner for a VortexHealing® session click HERE


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