Anthony Gorman

Anthony was born in the west of Ireland into a traditional Irish family. In his teens he developed a keen interest in the then 'esoteric' world of computers, and this interest set the direction for his development and working career in the 80's and 90's. However, he sensed that something was missing and hungered for an experiential understanding of the even more esoteric world of awareness, consciousness, subtle energy, healing and self-development. To this end he studied many different healing modalities, as well as deep meditation.

In the mid 90's, he came upon VortexHealing®, Ric Weinman and the avataric presence of Merlin.

He was among the first students to come to Vortex when Ric started teaching. He remembers seeing Ric's picture on a notice board, and while the contents of the workshop sounded strange to him, there was a trust and excitement that arose within him. At the time, he didn't even feel qualified to attend such a workshop and hoped that he would be accepted into it. During the course, his interaction with Ric and his view of the world, along with the impact of the Divine energy he was bringing in, shifted Anthony's world view. At one point he found himself crying in class because of the feeling of coming back Home.

At the end of class, Merlin gifted him with a Divine vision. "I was accompanying Ric on a Cosmic journey, not just across the universe of existence, but out of it, to the very edge of creation. There I viewed all of creation arising. Then I turned away from it and towards the Divine source from where it was arising, and I disappeared within it as pure light/awareness. This changed everything for me. A world that was previously esoteric, and possibly purely mental, suddenly became a concrete lived experience of healing and it's movement towards awakening."

In mid 1998, Anthony was offered the opportunity to become a teacher. He started teaching it in Feb 1999, much to the surprise of his family and friends. "I've had a magical and adventurous journey since then," he says. He now lives near Burren National Park, in the west of Ireland, with his wife and two boys.

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