Jane Flynn

Jane was born and raised in Texas. Her interest in complementary therapies started to develop as a teenager and grew from there. Over time the interest became a growing desire to heal more than just the physical body--she wanted to help heal the emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

During the early 1980’s, Jane married and moved to London England where she worked with her husband, traveling through both the Middle East and Far East.

She studied Chinese medicine, graduating from The London School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and then completing her internship at Kunming Medical University Hospital in Kunming China.

Today she maintains her membership in the British Acupuncture Council, which she has held since 1997. After graduating, she worked as a volunteer at Charing Cross Hospital in the Immune Deficiency Unit, primarily with HIV patients, and then alcoholics. She went on to open a complimentary health center working alongside other practitioners of various complimentary and allopathic disciplines.

Jane has a passion for learning, and over the years has studied a variety of energetic disciplines, meditations and forms of yoga. It was while attending a Reiki course in 1998 that a fellow student spoke of an article she’d read in Kindred Spirits about Ric Weinman, VortexHealing and Merlin. Jane signed up for the next VortexHealing class. The benefits of VortexHealing became immediately apparent - her experiences during class made her aware of her true inner journey. Her own daughter, at the age of 14, commented on how Jane seemed happier from the class.

Jane’s experiences from VortexHealing have helped her find her true calling in life, which she describes as a way to “navigate my way through some of the most challenging and life-changing events, whilst continuing to be true to myself”. Ten years later, in 2008, Jane became a VortexHealing teacher. Jane has one daughter and resides in Berkshire England .

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