Terrie Rolands

Terrie has been a VortexHealing student since 1998. Although she had been working full-time in Financial Management in the corporate world for 17 years, her first couple of Vortex classes so changed her that people around her were noticing, and they wanted similar changes. It wasn't long before she started a healing practice, and that eventually grew into an international practice. She and her husband, also an advanced VortexHealing student, still travel to various countries to do healings together, when Terrie isn’t teaching.

Terrie's story for how she got to Vortex is an interesting one. In 1997, she had a spiritual counseling session with a healer who told her that she had a 'Contract' with a man in Arizona. She, being single, asked "a mate contract!?" And the answer was, "No, an empowerment contract." She said that this being was the one who had the tools to help her come into her power in this life. When Terrie asked, "How do I find this man in AZ?" the answer was that he had a book on the market—something about healing hands. And with further tuning in, she came up with the name “Ric”.

So Terrie had the first name of an author and a possible title of a book. She went off to Borders bookstore, and sure enough found Ric's book (Your Hands Can Heal). She read the book and wrote him a letter, sharing her experience and requesting to meet him if he ever came to Michigan. Ric replied that he had no plans to visit Michigan but would be teaching something called VortexHealing in Phoenix, AZ in the coming month.

Terrie began taking classes, and soon started a part-time healing practice. She left the corporate world at the end of 2000. Six months later, she had a spiritual counseling session with an Intuitive, and she was told that she would become a VortexHealing teacher in about ten years. She asked, "And what am I supposed to do for the next ten years?" She was told she would be traveling around the world, doing energy sessions, taking classes, and doing earthworks. Terrie laughed at this, thinking it ridiculous. Six months later, though, in 2001, she met her husband and started to fulfill the Intuitive’s prediction: she started traveling with her husband to Europe and Jamaica, doing healing sessions there, and she attended many VortexHealing classes and facilitated earthworks. In January, 2012 Terrie was invited to become a VortexHealing teacher.

Terrie grew up in Midland, Michigan, and she and her husband now live in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, near Detroit.

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