The following is some of the research on VortexHealing
  1. Sound Lab Research Using VortexHealing on Musical Instruments

  2. A VortexHealing student and practioner, Spring Beirer, hired a scientist to research changes in the human voice when optimized with VortexHealing. Spring's website is here  and the document produced by the scientist can be found HERE

  3. K. Creath, and G. E. Schwartz, "What biophoton images of plants can tell us about biofields and healing," Journal of Scientific Exploration 19, 531-550 (2005).  -

  4. K. Creath, and G. E. Schwartz, "Measuring effects of music, noise, and healing energy using a seed germination bioassay," Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 10, 113-122 (2004). -


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