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All the Vortex healing tools are expressions of the divine light and consciousness of our lineage and are given by ‘direct consciousness transmission’. What each healing tool can do, though, is dependent on the level of the class and the unique function it is designed to do. The main healing tools do a variety of things, but there are also transmissions for very specific functions, such as grounding, or harmonizing, or nourishing, or awakening consciousness. In addition, although the new Vortex healing tools given in more advanced classes generally work deeper than those given in earlier classes, the main tools from earlier classes will work deeper and deeper as classes progress. This is because as students become more advanced, the evolution in their energy systems and consciousness enable the transmission process to update these earlier healing tools to come from deeper places in their system. So even as they are given new healing tools, the older tools keep working deeper as well.

In addition to the healing tools, some classes also have meditation transmissions. Whether used for healing one’s own issues, for opening the spiritual heart, or for dropping deeper into beingness, meditation plays an important role. The meditation transmissions enable the meditations taught to both go deeper and be more effective.

The 5 Levels & 2 Threads of VortexHealing Trainings:

  1. VortexHealing Basic Training Level: VortexHealing Basic Training; Clearing the Kundalini Channel, Unwinding the Fascia Energy; Deepening with Merlin; Bringing Consciousness to Form; Creating a Professional Practice.
  2. Magical StructuresLevel: Magical Structures; Karmic Intensive; Earthshift Intensive; Sensing:  Psychic & Consciousness Development.
  3. Multi-Frequency Level: Multi-Frequency & Merlin’s Jewel; Breaking TimeLines; Genetics & MF Devices.
  4. LifeForm Level: LifeForm; InterDimensional Vortex; Angelic Heart I.
  5. Omega Level: Omega & the Karmic Body; Presence; Advanced Sensing; Earthworks I: Divine Funnels & More; Earthworks II: Divine Doors & Temples.

Note: With the 5 levels, the first class listed at each level is the “anchor” class for that level, which is aprerequisite for other classes at that level as well as for the next level. Some classes have other prerequisites as well (see individual classe description). But some classes in the Healing Thread require classes in the Awakening Thread and vice versa.

The 2 Threads:
(* The Awakening Thread and Healing Thread below both have the main 5th level class (Omega & the Karmic Body) as a prerequisite.)

  • Awakening Thread: Core Veil & Awakening to Being Awareness; Inner Veil; Embodiment Support for Awakening to Being Awareness; Merlin’s Puzzle; Bringing Consciousness Through Form; Being IS, Universal Veil & LCF; I-Point & Duality of Awareness & Consciousness; Awakening the BodyMind & Core Beliefs; LifeField & Genetic Personality; Awakening to 0-Self.
  • Healing Thread: Jewel; Angelic Heart II & III; Q-Gate & Quantum Jewel; Merlin’s Grace & Multi-Dimensional Healing.

Click here for a flowchart of all classes

Click here for PDF of all class descriptions

No previous healing experience is required for attending Basic Training
Each class has an organizer listed, with phone and email contact details, who can help you with registration and provide any details you need for attending. You can also view class prices here, and the deposit/cancellation policy here. View the Schedule of classes here.


Note: Because the Vortex is run by divine consciousness, it can never be used for anything other than positive purposes.

VortexHealing classes are open to all interested adults. Teenagers and children are accepted on a case by case basis. No discrimination is made based on race, creed, color, religion, or sexual orientation. Reasonable accommodation is attempted for those with disabilities

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